New Products Releases (Barometric Pressure Sensor)

Introducing new cost-effective barometric pressure sensor using nano-technology

November 23, 2005

(Bohemia, NY) Climatronics Corporation introduces a new, cost-effective Barometric Pressure Sensor balancing the need for accuracy with respect for conservative budgets. The new sensor is based upon a stable transducer utilizing current nano-technology yielding a linear and repeatable sensor with low hysteresis. The sensor produces digital and analog signals which do not require signal conditioning. The sensor’s microcontroller applies an NIST-traceable temperature correction to the readings from the pressure sensor maximizing accuracy over a broad operating temperature range. The data output formats include RS-232, RS-485, SDI-12 and analog ranges of 0-1 to 0-5 VDC. Operating temperature range is -40° to +55°C. The sensor is accurate to +/- 0.35 hPa @ 25°C with long term stability of +/- 1.0 hPa.

Climatronics is a world leading manufacturer of weather sensors and systems. Products range from sensors measuring a single phenomenon to fully integrated automatic meteorological observation systems (AMOS) gathering data from multiple stations measuring a full range of environmental parameters. A specialty is custom system design and integration with turnkey installation and training to furnish a client reliable, project specific data. Customer support includes comprehensive documentation, NIST traceable calibration, factory service and field support. For more information on this product, or to review our entire range of products and services, visit our website or call 631-567-7300.

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